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Oui, oui that's me!


Oui oui, That's me! The other blonde in the picture is called (happy) Camper. I was born in 1988 in the Dutch artists' village of Bergen on the North Sea coast. I’ve been living with an amazing husband and my dog Camper in The Hague’s seaside-district of Scheveningen for 4 years now.

I was put in front of the camera at a young age by a photographer and the ball started rolling from there. For years I worked all over the world in the fashion industry for various brands and lived out of my suitcase. But I only really found my way when I became the photographer on the other end of the camera, so that suitcase is no longer there. But I do love using my knowledge and experience during lifestyle shoots and weddings! It makes my work more intimate and much more personal.

It will be your day, the day you have always dreamed of. The day you will always cherish as a beautiful memory. I understand that it is very special and I will make sure that you can enjoy it without restraints. That's why I shoot in a relaxed way during which I try to stay almost invisible. But don't worry, if you need me to do your dress or hair, for example, I am there for you too! During the shoot I provide directions so that you look perfect in the photos. My work experience really comes in handy here!

I am an emotional person and that is why intuition and emotion are the most important elements in my photography. Every single time I am struck by the wonderful opportunity of being a silent witness, so I really do this work with passion!

Well, actually I'm just like that other blonde in the picture:

a real Happy Camper!


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