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The perfect wedding

Charis (Marry and Me) was the only wedding photographer we interviewed, after we saw her incredible work. She has a very natural, almost docu-style way of capturing people, where everyone looks gorgeous, happy – and like themselves. She has a way of making the day look like both a gorgeous editorial spread and the most fun party you’ve ever been to. When we first met her (over Zoom!),        we immediately were taken with her warm, laidback energy. We knew it would be a blast to have her there on our special weekend, because honestly we  wanted to hang out with her!

Unsurprisingly, it was an absolute joy to have her there the whole weekend. From her calming energy to her sense of play, whether capturing fun moments with friends or doing a photoshoot in the streets of Noto on a vespa taxi, Charis was a dream


Evan O’Donnell & Joey Kuhn

Click here to see them shine!!! 

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